Upholstery and Carpet

The condition of your car upholstery and carpet makes a powerful impression, good or bad.

The sight of worn out carpet, upholstery, or, ripped car upholstery fabric, reflects poorly on your vehicle as a whole. Why put up with it? Put down the duct tape or the glue, back away from the car, pick up the phone, and let Seatco restore your vehicle’s comfort and appearance with car upholstery and carpet repair!

Located in Springfield, Virginia, Seatco provides high-quality car upholstery repair at reasonable prices. From car seat upholstery and other upholstered areas of the vehicle, to car upholstery fabric of every type and, of course, leather, too, the highly skilled technicians and embroiderers at Seatco have repaired, renewed, replaced and restored it all!

Car upholstery and carpet - mold removalWe also do mold remediation (removal) in cars if you’ve got that particular problem. Again, whether the solution is our certified mold removal process and keeping your original upholstery and carpets, or mold removal and replacement of materials, we’re experts at this.

And oh, does that new car upholstery and carpet have its benefits! It protects the value of your auto investment, cures the daily commuter blues, and keeps even a vintage vehicle looking classic, not “past it.” If you use your vehicle for business, our premium car upholstery repair means you can meet clients and co-workers without embarrassment.

And as a bonus, new carpets and new seat fabric smell great. Whether it was the bottle of wine that broke, the dog throwing up from car sickness, your kid dropping a milkshake in the backseat, or just the smell from all those years of accumulated use, your old car may have an odor. We have the cure.

So show your car some care with Seatco car upholstery repair! Call (703) 354-4800 or contact us online today for a free quote.