Sunroof Repair

Got a sunroof that won’t open? A sunroof that’s letting in rain? Driving around without a sunroof and wishing you could shed some light on the situation? At Seatco in Springfield, Virginia, we offer professional sunroof repair and installation for all kinds of sunroofs and moon roofs—pop-ups, top sliders, spoilers, removable panels, and more. So if your pop-up won’t pop, your spoiler won’t tilt and slide, or your removable panel got permanently removed by your kid’s lack of basketball rebounding skills around the hoop you put up in the driveway — don’t panic. Seatco can help!

The highly skilled technicians at Seatco have worked on sunroof frames and windows of just about every make, model and style. They can target the source of the trouble and deliver quality sunroof repair at reasonable prices. In fact, the benefits of having professional sun roof repair are pretty obvious – no water leaks that get you wet and rust your car from the inside out, no loud air leaks, the appearance around the roof from both inside and outside the car, etc.

If you’ve got a vehicle that parts are no longer available for, well, we’ve custom fabricated pieces in the past for those situations, and it’s possible we can also help you.

Sunroof repair and installation - Mold removalAnd if you do have a leak somewhere, and mold developed as a result of that leak, we also do mold remediation (removal) in cars if you’ve got that particular problem. Again, whether the solution is our certified mold removal process and keeping your original upholstery and carpets, or mold removal and replacement of materials, we’re experts at this.

Seatco does! Seatco knows sunroofs (and moon roofs — technically a type of sunroof). So, for sunroof repair, come and see us today.  You can also give us a call (703) 354-4800 or contact us online for a free quote. Count on Seatco for the best in repaired sun roofs and let the sun come shining in!