Interior Restorations

Give Yourself the Advantages of Auto Interior Restoration

Has your car’s interior seen better days?

Do you get nostalgic just thinking about how long it’s been since your car looked its best? The car restoration experts at Seatco can give back your car’s good looks! Auto interior restoration is all part of the service at Seatco, where we are “driven” to excel at classic car restoration!

Whether you’re considering classic car restoration for your own enjoyment or in order to resell your vehicle, auto interior restoration is one of the best ways to enhance or maintain the value of your vehicle. Car restoration is also highly beneficial to anyone who uses a classic car for business, where first impressions can be crucial. Just imagine opening the door of your vehicle and experiencing “that new car smell” plus the look and feel of a pristine interior. At Seatco, we’ve restored vinyl, fabric, and leather interiors, too!

We’re experts at getting exactly the right look and feel of a classic or historic vehicle. If parts are no longer available, we craft the part here, by hand.

You use your car every day. So why lower your morale or project a less than professional image driving around town in a car with a shabby interior? Car restoration makes sense and saves dollars! Come on in and see us in Springfield, Virginia.

Our highly experienced staff of artisan technicians is as renowned in these parts for their friendly customer service as well as for for their expert detailing and custom restoration. Contact us today and let us give you back the car you’ve always wanted!