Custom Interiors

At Seatco, we’ve built our reputation for car interior customization on the simple but important principle that every customer, and therefore, every project, is unique. After all, you didn’t just roll off an assembly line, so your car interior shouldn’t look generic either – it should be a reflection of your individual style and personality.

Whether you drive the latest iteration of your favorite vehicle or you’re a classic car enthusiast, our custom car interior services will impress you with their attention to detail, quality, value, and sheer beauty.  We also offer auto interior repair that can work magic on cracked, ripped, or just plain worn-out upholstery and trim.

Consider all the benefits that car interior restoration or auto interior customization can offer. For one thing, you use vehicle every day, so why not drive happy? You also make an impression, for better or worse, on every client, acquaintance, or other passenger who sees your car interior. As for resale, the shiniest exterior just can’t make up for the disappointment of seeing a damaged or past-its-prime interior—those stretched-out seat covers aren’t fooling anyone! Neither is that crummy after-market stereo and the fuzzy speakers the last owner of the car put it. Come on in to Seatco and rediscover the everyday pleasure of driving your new or classic vehicle.

Our trimmer technicians at Seatco specialize in “the superior car interior.” Our highly experienced team can work with any car interior fabric, from cloth to vinyl to vintage leather. We also excel at developing custom car interior options ranging from tasteful and attractive vintage car interior modernization to new interior design. So whether you’re feeling creative, looking to upgrade a classic car’s look, or you simply need a whole new interior at a price that’s fair, stop by our shop in Springfield, VA, contact us with any questions, or call us today at (703) 354-4800.

Because when it comes to cars, we know quality inside and out!