Convertible Top Installation and Repair

Have you been keeping the fabric top down on your convertible or cabriolet, just to avoid revealing ugly rips, cracks, and other unsightly damage to the roof? Afraid to take it out if there’s even the tiniest chance of rain, because you know it leaks so badly? Then head right over to Seatco in Springfield, Virginia – right outside of Washington, DC and close to all parts of DC, Maryland and Virginia. Our convertible top installation and repair will literally raise your roof and put its style back on top!

From convertible repair to all-new convertible top installation, the auto trim experts at Seatco service all kinds of convertible tops, from hard to soft tops, late model to vintage. Our convertible top repair expertise ranges from factory-original restorations for vintage convertible tops, to fabricating unavailable parts when necessary. And we do it all for a fair price — no job too small or too large.

What’s that? You say you have an expensive retractable hardtop on your car, and something’s gone wrong with it? Yes, we repair those as well. In fact, we’re so good at those tops that we regularly consult with new-car dealerships about the cars in their service bays that have been brought in because one of the motors failed on the retractable top, or, the track alignment has been altered. We can fix those problems, and we’ve been doing it for many, many years. By the way, we also repair targa tops. The phrase, “convertible top installation and repair” covers a lot of ground here at our shop.

Convertible top installation and repair - Mold removalAnd, if you have mold in your car because of a leak in your convertible top, rest assured we also do mold remediation (removal) in cars if you’ve got that particular problem. Again, whether the solution is our certified mold removal process and keeping your original upholstery and carpets, or mold removal and replacement of materials, we’re experts at this.

At Seatco, we take pride in our convertible top repair. It feels good knowing that we’re putting the value back into our customers’ cars before an imminent sale, making someone’s next road trip safer from the elements, and restoring the glamour that defines a convertible. So, whether you’re thinking about convertible repair or convertible top installation, don’t let your top get you down!  Call (703) 354-4800 or contact us online today for a free quote.