Car Embroidery

Choose Seatco for the Unique Car Interior!

Nothing shows off a new or classic car’s interior better than the expert detailing of car embroidery.

From logos to contrast stitching to custom two-tone upholstery with beautifully finished seams and piping, seat embroidery for cars is one of the most effective and affordable ways to upgrade your car, truck, or SUV. Along with the “Wow!” factor, classic car embroidery is a wise investment in the value of your vehicle, since it combines the appeal of customization with the durability of high quality detail. Of course, you wouldn’t trust a service like that to just any auto repair company. So the question is, who offers real expertise at fabric, vinyl, and leather embroidery for cars?

At Seatco, we’ve been wowing customers with our expertise at car embroidery since the 1960s. You might say we’ve been experts at classic car embroidery since the classics were new! That’s right – we were embroidering seats like the one in your 1967 Cadillac Eldorado when that car rolled off the line. Same story with that 1969 MGB-GT when it came off the line in Abingdon, England.

Our state-of the-art services in custom car seat embroidery and upholstery have kept a steady stream of satisfied customers driving in to see us at our shop in Virginia. We’d love to meet you, too! It would be our pleasure to offer you a free quote on expert car embroidery.  Not sure what kind of embroidery would be best for your vehicle? Let us show you the possibilities for attractive, affordable custom seat embroidery for cars that are sure to impress!

From a vintage Rolls Royce to a new Hyundai Sonata to your favorite pickup truck, the artisan trimmers at Seatco have done wonders with car embroidery. Just imagine what our seat embroidery services can do for your vehicle! Better yet, come on in and see us in Springfield, Virginia, contact us with your custom requests, or just call us at (703) 354-4800 and find out how classic car embroidery can transform your car into a vehicle of distinction—and at a reasonable price!