• What If

    Ahh, yes, “what if” is a great game to play, especially with cars. We did a previous piece quite a while ago titled, “Selective Memory”, which was about the tendency of classic car enthusiasts to remember cars from decades past as much better cars than what they really were. These are are some of the […]

  • Restoring The Modern Classic

    Once upon a yesteryear, when the world of muscle cars was gaining speed, and a brand new Shelby Cobra GT-something was still within humane realms of affordability, finding parts for your now modern classic was usually a cinch. Most any NAPA or parts house proved a one stop shop for all things knick and knack, […]

  • How Much Is Too Much?

    How much is too much when you’re going to customize an interior on your vehicle? Like a lot of things in life, “it depends”. The question works in two different ways – one, how much customization can be done before things just start getting stupid? As an example, should you have us install orange shag […]

  • The Bakkie

    The bakkie is a much-loved vehicle in South Africa, one that most Americans have never seen, and never will see. I saw one just by chance here in the States years ago, when the somewhat-eccentric South African national that lived three doors down from me had an older model imported into the U.S. for his […]

  • Lotus Elise Customization

    One of the wonderful things about auto-customization is that there’s so many ways of expressing yourself through your A to B device. A fresh, personalized paintjob. A slick new spoiler. An unabashed exhaust’s roar. It’s almost limitless really, hampered only by imagination and a practical budget. The flip side of that coin is the consensus […]