• Chrysler Getting Closer To A Sale?

    Hey, remember reading this? Yup, back in April, we examined how FCA could actually gain by subtraction, that is: subtraction of some of their brands. Now, people are asking the question, “Is Chrysler getting closer to a sale?”. The big difference now is that a couple of companies might want all of Chrysler in its […]

  • Big Changes

    Big changes coming for cars soon; really big changes, and just from my own (very) informal survey, I’d have to say that almost everyone in the general public is oblivious to these developments. As an example, almost no one seems to take the premise of autonomous vehicles very seriously, but, soon, and I mean very […]

  • Tesla Model 3

    The first Tesla Model 3 sedans have been delivered to retail customers, and the accolades are pouring in. Reviewers love it; the interior, the design, the technology, it’s battery range, lots of other things, and perhaps a bit surprisingly, as the car was not intended to be a sports car, per se, many of those […]

  • Car Sales Plummet in New Vehicle Market

    What’s going on out there in the consumer market for automobiles?Well, one thing that’s pretty noticeable is this: Car sales plummet in new vehicle market data we’ve seen so far, and sales of cars are expected to continue to drop for at least the next 18 months. We’re talking about cars specifically, not the generic […]

  • Custom Rod Project July 2017

    A beautiful custom rod has been finished, and just rolled out of our shop. Gorgeous exterior and now, a wonderful interior to go with it, courtesy of the artisans here at Seatco. “Custom Rod Project July 2017” is what we’re calling this one, and it seemed like a good title for the post as well. […]