• The Future of Car Ownership

    If you own a television, or use the internet, or subscribe to car magazines or business magazines, you may have noticed that there are a lot of articles out there about the future of car ownership, and how that is going to dramatically change. Most people that know about these things now believe that within […]

  • How Many Times

    How many times have you said to yourself, “I gotta get going on that old car in the garage/barn/shop/backyard”? A dozen? A hundred? A thousand? More? Or, maybe you didn’t even get that far. Maybe you never even got a car (or truck) to make into your personal dream in the first place. Maybe you’ve […]

  • New CEO at Ford

    There’s a new CEO at Ford as of last week, and you might be asking yourself, “Why?”. Well, there are two parts to this story. The first part is why Mark Fields, the now-former CEO, and the guy who replaced Alan Mulally, was given his walking papers.  The value of a share of Ford stock […]

  • Custom Rod

    We haven’t shown too much of it in these pages, but we do a lot of custom rod work at Seatco. The hot rod interior work we do runs from mild to very wild, and encompasses various amounts of current technology, depending on the customer’s wishes. This is a custom rod here in the shop […]

  • Salon Chair Project

    As readers of our website “News” section know, we often get requests from automotive upholstery customers to do other types of upholstery work – furniture, commercial work, etc. A salon chair project we’re working on right now is but one example of the different types of non-automotive work we do for customers. The salon chair […]