• Custom Uprated Porsches

    How many companies are there in the U.S. that sell custom uprated Porsches? Of course, we’re talking about the 911 here. What else? The short answer is, a lot. In fact, if you’ve got the money (and you better have a great deal of money), the amount of choices among specialty shops eager to to […]

  • April Project

    We’ve got a lot more going on than this, but we thought we’d share one of the April project cars we finished early this month. This April project is a 70’s era Lincoln Continental, in all its disco, crushed velour glory. Yup, this is what American luxury looked like in the automotive sector in the […]

  • March Project

    Well, our March project car is pretty sweet. It’s a (now) beautiful 1970 Jaguar E-Type closed coupe, one of my personal favorites. The voluptuous E-Type just oozes automotive desire, and although I’m not in the majority here, I’ve always preferred the coupe to the convertible. I just love the lines. And I just love our […]

  • The Connected Car

    The Connected Car. That may be a term you’ve heard already. Perhaps not. Most people can grasp the concept quickly enough – the connected car is one that has a technology platform that is wirelessly connected to a network (i.e., your cellular phone provider), or different networks (wireless internet, NFC, Bluetooth, etc.) The connected car […]

  • How Would a CAFE Rollback Affect Consumers?

    It’s not difficult to ascertain how the rollback of CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) regulations offered up by President Trump would help auto manufacturers; it allows the car makers to invest less in technology that pushes up fuel mileage, and so, saves them a great deal of money. But, how would a CAFE rollback affect […]