• NAFTA And the Car Companies and Trump

    The combination of NAFTA and the car companies and Trump seems problematic right from the very start, doesn’t it? President Donald Trump has railed against NAFTA for quite some time, and several of the auto manufacturing companies here in the United States have become his targets on Twitter as a result of having production facilities […]

  • Car Buffs

    Know any car buffs? You probably do; you’re reading this post. But, I’d be willing to bet that the ones you know are not teens or twenty-somethings. Because, car buffs are on the wane. There’s attrition (the old guys are dying off), and the amount of younger people interested in cars, and all things cars, […]

  • We Want Hondas Like This

    Honda showed a concept at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show that was a revelation. It is the Honda that should be sold here in the U.S. as soon as possible, because we want Hondas like this. Not the current Accord, not the CR-V, we want Hondas like this. I mean, can this be any cooler? […]

  • Wagon Love

    It’s not unanimous, but people who write about cars for a living, invariably love the station wagon. I mean, love it. Their wagon love extends far and wide, across the decades and spanning different manufacturers. In fact, I’ll go further in my generalization and state that many people who don’t write about cars, but are […]

  • Flood Cars

    Hurricane Harvey is finally leaving Texas and Louisiana, and not a moment too soon for the residents in Houston and other cities that were in the Hurricane’s path. Along with flooded houses and businesses, the storm is also going to leave at least 500,000 flood-damaged vehicles in it’s wake. “Flood cars” (or, “swimmers”, as they’re […]