• The Connected Car

    The Connected Car. That may be a term you’ve heard already. Perhaps not. Most people can grasp the concept quickly enough – the connected car is one that has a technology platform that is wirelessly connected to a network (i.e., your cellular phone provider), or different networks (wireless internet, NFC, Bluetooth, etc.) The connected car […]

  • How Would a CAFE Rollback Affect Consumers?

    It’s not difficult to ascertain how the rollback of CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) regulations offered up by President Trump would help auto manufacturers; it allows the car makers to invest less in technology that pushes up fuel mileage, and so, saves them a great deal of money. But, how would a CAFE rollback affect […]

  • Cadillac Advertising

    Cadillac makes some great cars now; a far cry from the awful years of the 1970’s, the 1980’s, and most of the 90’s. World-class cars, actually. Cadillac advertising has never quite hit the same sweet spot. Despite making some of the best luxury cars in the world, Cadillac advertising has not yet been able to […]

  • Maximum Effect

    For those of you unfamiliar with Southern California car culture, you are your car. And for everyone that’s part of that car culture, something very expensive and unusual, like Alfa Romeo’s new SUV (at least until it becomes more commonplace), or, a new Mercedes-Benz Pullman Limousine, gives you a certain amount of panache and brings […]

  • Your Dream. Our Work.

    For decades, people have been showing up at Seatco with a dream of what they want their car’s interior to look like. Whether it’s a factory-perfect restoration, a wild custom job, or, maybe just some tasteful updating, we’ve heard a lot. If there’s a convertible top or a sunroof involved, then they want to talk […]