• Restoring The Modern Classic

    Once upon a yesteryear, when the world of muscle cars was gaining speed, and a brand new Shelby Cobra GT-something was still within humane realms of affordability, finding parts for your now modern classic was usually a cinch. Most any NAPA or parts house proved a one stop shop for all things knick and knack, […]

  • How Much Is Too Much?

    How much is too much when you’re going to customize an interior on your vehicle? Like a lot of things in life, “it depends”. The question works in two different ways – one, how much customization can be done before things just start getting stupid? As an example, should you have us install orange shag […]

  • The Bakkie

    The bakkie is a much-loved vehicle in South Africa, one that most Americans have never seen, and never will see. I saw one just by chance here in the States years ago, when the somewhat-eccentric South African national that lived three doors down from me had an older model imported into the U.S. for his […]

  • Lotus Elise Customization

    One of the wonderful things about auto-customization is that there’s so many ways of expressing yourself through your A to B device. A fresh, personalized paintjob. A slick new spoiler. An unabashed exhaust’s roar. It’s almost limitless really, hampered only by imagination and a practical budget. The flip side of that coin is the consensus […]

  • 1921 Lincoln

    Now this is a piece of history! What you’re looking at is the oldest operating Lincoln in the world. After being around for nearly a century, she’s as original as she is ancient, but still starts and runs just fine. Her long life and great condition is due to no small part by the hands […]