• 60 Years

    This year marks a very important milestone for us here at Seatco. You’ve probably already guessed it by now – as in 60 years of us being in business. Since 1958 – if actually not before, as intialmost-records are a bit blurry –  we have had the immense pleasure of serving the greater DMV area, […]

  • 1932 Packard

    Seeing a 1932 Packard 900 Light Eight convertible coupe-roadster is quite a treat these days. Of the 7000 units made that year, only 1250 were made with convertible soft-tops, and it was the one and only year that Packard had produced the Light Eight. Originally priced at around $1700 (approx. $30,000 today), it was the […]

  • Is Diesel Done

    Is diesel done as a popular type of engine in passenger vehicles? And, going a step further, is diesel done (or, at least, on it’s way out the door) for even larger vehicles like semi trucks? The evidence is mounting that, indeed, diesel engines are increasingly not welcome from a regulatory standpoint, and, from a […]

  • 1979 RX7 Project

    We get all sorts of cars rolling through our shop, and it’s always bit of a trip when it’s something you don’t see everyday. Take our recent 1979 RX7 project, for instance. For nearly 25 years (from ’78 thru ’02) Mazda produced just short of a million, and while they were once commonplace you hardly […]

  • What If

    Ahh, yes, “what if” is a great game to play, especially with cars. We did a previous piece quite a while ago titled, “Selective Memory”, which was about the tendency of classic car enthusiasts to remember cars from decades past as much better cars than what they really were. These are are some of the […]