• New Location

    With warm weather comes good news. We have now moved our office and shop to a new location, directly across the street, to –    6632 Electronic Drive Springfield VA 22151   The moving process will take a few more days yet to complete, but you can find and contact us still at the same […]

  • 1912 Ford Model T

      Produced by Ford Motor Company between the years of 1908 to 1927, the Ford Model T is a pivotally historic automobile. It was the first mass produced vehicle in American history, and by the end of it’s production run, more than 15 million units were made. Sporting a 20hp crank style engine, the T […]

  • FREEDOM – Custom 2010 Camaro Headrests

      Here at Seatco, we do a number of one-off custom projects each year. Personalized seat covers, special dye work, and namely, custom headrests. We usually start from scratch, armed with nothing more than a needle and thread, some leather, and a good idea. Though when it comes to our latest artistic venture, we found […]

  • In The Shop This Month

    Summer has always been a busy time for us, if not downright hectic. These last few weeks have proven to be especially so, as we’ve been up to the gills with water damage and mold remediation jobs. What with it raining off and on over the last month, we’ve been committing nearly every day solely […]

  • 1972 Alfa Romeo

    One of the more interesting projects we’ve recently finished came in the form of a 1972 Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce – Italian for coupe. Seeing an older Alfa Romeo is rare enough, least of all one in such great condition for it’s age. Arriving on the market in 1971 alongside the 2000 Berlina and […]