• Custom Hellcat Headrests

    We embroidered some custom Hellcat headrests for a customer of ours, and wow, did those come out great! The Dodge Challenger Hellcat, of course, is the 707 horsepower beast the Chrysler unleashed on the world a while ago. That’s right, 707 horsepower, available at your local Dodge dealer, and it comes with a standard factory […]

  • Austin-Healey Kit Car

    Bet you haven’t seen one of these for awhile – an Austin-Healey kit car. There used to be a great many of these around, with many aftermarket companies offering their version of an updated Austin-Healey 3ooo. Most of the later kit cars were better cars than the original cars in terms of horsepower, handling, braking, […]

  • Tesla Will Build A Factory in China

    The news broke last week that Tesla will build a factory in China, and auto industry analysts say that the deal is unusual because the Chinese government is allowing Tesla to retain 100% ownership of the manufacturing facility. Previous manufacturing investments by auto manufacturers in China required partial ownership from a Chinese auto company partner, […]

  • Alfa Romeo Graduate

    Here’s a recent project we had in the shop – a 1990 Alfa Romeo Graduate, otherwise known in the rest of the world as a Spider or Duetto. Why the difference in names? Well, apparently there were plenty of nostalgic Baby Boomers in 1990 (27 years ago) that had this car imprinted in their collective […]

  • NAFTA And the Car Companies and Trump

    The combination of NAFTA and the car companies and Trump seems problematic right from the very start, doesn’t it? President Donald Trump has railed against NAFTA for quite some time, and several of the auto manufacturing companies here in the United States have become his targets on Twitter as a result of having production facilities […]