• Salon Chair Project

    As readers of our website “News” section know, we often get requests from automotive upholstery customers to do other types of upholstery work – furniture, commercial work, etc. A salon chair project we’re working on right now is but one example of the different types of non-automotive work we do for customers. The salon chair […]

  • Could Fiat Chrysler Sell Off Jeep and Ram?

    Could Fiat Chrysler sell off Jeep and Ram? It seems as if that’s being seriously considered. There was an interesting moment during a conference call between FCA (Fiat Chrysler) and stock analysts earlier this week. Sergio Marchionne, the CEO of the company, was asked by an analyst if it’s possible that Jeep or Ram, or […]

  • Custom Uprated Porsches

    How many companies are there in the U.S. that sell custom uprated Porsches? Of course, we’re talking about the 911 here. What else? The short answer is, a lot. In fact, if you’ve got the money (and you better have a great deal of money), the amount of choices among specialty shops eager to to […]

  • April Project

    We’ve got a lot more going on than this, but we thought we’d share one of the April project cars we finished early this month. This April project is a 70’s era Lincoln Continental, in all its disco, crushed velour glory. Yup, this is what American luxury looked like in the automotive sector in the […]

  • March Project

    Well, our March project car is pretty sweet. It’s a (now) beautiful 1970 Jaguar E-Type closed coupe, one of my personal favorites. The voluptuous E-Type just oozes automotive desire, and although I’m not in the majority here, I’ve always preferred the coupe to the convertible. I just love the lines. And I just love our […]