• Geely Owns Lotus

    Geely owns Lotus. Now, I imagine, almost all of you are thinking, “Who, or what, is Geely?”. And a few of you might be thinking, “Who, or what is Lotus?” First things first – Geely is a very large, very profitable Chinese auto manufacturer. If you’re familiar with the name, you are probably: A person […]

  • The Unexpected Jewel 2

    This post is the second (and different) part of the situation you sometimes find yourself in – a random discovery of a car that you suddenly buy. This is “the unexpected jewel 2” part of that equation. A few weeks ago, I wrote about happening upon a car while I wasn’t looking for a car, […]

  • 1950 Riley

    This project car is a very special car; a 1950 Riley. Now, you probably don’t know that marque, and you’ve probably never seen a 1950 Riley, or, any Riley, for that matter. There are good reasons for that – their production was small, their presence in the States even smaller, and, the company was killed […]

  • The Unexpected Jewel

    I’ve owned a lot of cars. And trucks, too, for that matter. Most of these were acquired intentionally; I went looking for whatever I had in mind. Sometimes this search took years, and sometimes it took a week. But, some of these vehicles “just happened”. The unexpected jewel just appeared before me in a serendipitous […]

  • Mahindra

    There is a company (a big company) in India named Mahindra. Actually, the company’s auto division’s full name is Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, but everyone just refers to them as Mahindra. They’re part of the Mahindra Group. They’re the biggest automaker in India, and the biggest manufacturer of tractors in the world. They want to […]