FREEDOM – Custom 2010 Camaro Headrests


Here at Seatco, we do a number of one-off custom projects each year. Personalized seat covers, special dye work, and namely, custom headrests. We usually start from scratch, armed with nothing more than a needle and thread, some leather, and a good idea. Though when it comes to our latest artistic venture, we found ourselves as latecomers to a party that’s already been in full swing for years.

Say hello to FREEDOM – a 2010 Chevy Camaro, and a very special one at that. Belonging to one Mr. Kevin Voytosh, there was an extremely limited production of the color, Aqua Blue Metallic, only available on the early Gen 5 Camaros of that year. There were just 3903 ABM’s made in 2010, Freedom being build #298, and is #56 in the 2LT/RS lineup. As a six speed manual V6, Freedom has about 330HP to the rear wheels, and 256 at the crank.

Freedom has been extensively modified, including that of a K&N Cold Air Intake with BBK Long Tube Headers, as well as Flowmaster Hushpower Axle Back Exhaust with Resonator Delete.┬áThis isn’t your cool, weird old uncle’s Camaro, to say the least. Boasting some 1500 LED’s, the level of detail and attention paid speaks for itself. Labors of love, hazards of love.

Not only that, Freedom’s exterior and interior have already gotten a complete facelift, truly showcasing the stellar pedigree people have come to associate with late model Camaros. This has helped both Freedom and his owner Mr. Voytosh secure a slew of car show awards, and for good reason.



We got the gig to make headrests. And we think they turned out just nicely.


According to the Almighty Google, Chevrolet once claimed they found a French to English dictionary, and in naming their to-be time withstanding line of coupes, they distilled their own interpretation as “A Camaro is a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs”. A fitting title, we agree.

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