1972 Alfa Romeo

Twin Cam Engine

One of the more interesting projects we’ve recently finished came in the form of a 1972 Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce – Italian for coupe. Seeing an older Alfa Romeo is rare enough, least of all one in such great condition for it’s age. Arriving on the market in 1971 alongside the 2000 Berlina and 2000 Spider, this GT houses an original 2.0 L 1962 cc Twin Cam engine. The owner had been looking for a moderately involved, ‘practical restoration project’, and before changing the paint color they wanted to start with the interior, as to have a better idea for how they wanted the final product to be, which was fine by us. It was purchased and shipped from the west coast, where it eventually found it’s way to our shop. Previous to our efforts there was a significant bit of body and rust work done – the engine was thoroughly cleaned, hoses replaced, a 123Ignition system installed, as well as others odd ends. Mechanically pristine, nearly everything on and in this Alfa Romeo is stock – save for the quirky gold interior.

The A pillars, front seats, rear quarter panels, rear bench, package shelf, carpets and center console were all slotted to be redone. While we’ve taken on just as tricky and complicated gigs in the past, in this instance we simply installed premade parts. There are number of credible and fantastic aftermarket vendors for all things Alfa these days, such as MrFiat, as well as the aptly named Alfaholics. Giving credit where it’s due, our client has already sourced parts through Classic Alfa.

We think it turned out pretty nicely. Enjoy.



3 thoughts on “1972 Alfa Romeo

  1. Dave says:

    Need some color on those seats to match car! Neat ride!

  2. Peter HS Wood says:

    What should I budget to reupholster a Mercedes SL 450 in beige Napa leather with a diamond quilt pattern similar to what Mercedes offered in the SL65?

    1. Matt Lupton says:

      Hi Peter, and thanks for the inquiry. There’s a few things to consider before we can quote you accurately, so please if would contact us at info@seatco.com, or call us at 703.354.4800.


      Matt Lupton

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