Restoring The Modern Classic

Once upon a yesteryear, when the world of muscle cars was gaining speed, and a brand new Shelby Cobra GT-something was still within humane realms of affordability, finding parts for your now modern classic was usually a cinch. Most any NAPA or parts house proved a one stop shop for all things knick and knack, while upholsterers would either simply order direct to replace fading interior, or entertain a customer’s whimsy and go all out custom, their clients leaving with both grins and aplomb. The Big Three were usually pretty good about meeting said demand, though as time goes by, production levels of these parts tend to wane. These days things are largely the same for later models, but as these big block baddies are now entering their fourth and fifth decades, sourcing OEM parts has become increasingly difficult. Least of all finding worthy aftermarket ones. There is hope however, as today there are a few vendors who specialize in this exact market, and they stand out like lighthouses along the shore that is the vast ocean of hunting for parts.

Eckler’s is one such place. Their catalogue boasts an immodestly large variety of parts for the old school domestics. Vettes, Chevelles, Novas, Camaros – on and on. We here at Seatco have ordered through them many a time, and always with great success. While making covers from scratch is our shtick, that sometimes proves to be a pretty penny’s worth. Going premade is a great alternative, especially when keeping things original as possible.

Have an older hotrod whose interior in need of some TLC? Swing by during shop hours and we’d love to work together with you in finding the parts you need. You can order direct through Eckler’s, or we can make that bit easy and do so ourselves. We love having the ole goldies roll through our shop. We might partial sure, but for good reason. Wouldn’t you agree?

2 thoughts on “Restoring The Modern Classic

  1. Chris h says:

    Thanks for the validation on Ecklers and love the mustang cobra picture

    1. Matt Lupton says:

      Thanks Chris! Eckler’s has always done right by us. As for the Cobra, that’s just a personal favorite.

      – M.

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