1979 RX7 Project

We get all sorts of cars rolling through our shop, and it’s always bit of a trip when it’s something you don’t see everyday. Take our recent 1979 RX7 project, for instance. For nearly 25 years (from ’78 thru ’02) Mazda produced just short of a million, and while they were once commonplace you hardly ever see a first-gen unit anymore. They were noted for being a well balanced mid engine sports car, nominal in weight, and made complete with an eight track tape player. Many of Mazda’s vehicles came standard with a Wankel Style Engine, averaging at around 100HP and with an acceleration rate of 0 – 60mph in just over 9 seconds. In 1991 a tuned-up incarnation of the RX7 eventually led Mazda to be the first Japanese auto-producer to win in the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The one we got to work on was one of the first of it’s kind. After almost 40 years this 1979 RX7 has been holding up pretty well – mechanically speaking. Interior wise, it needed some serious TLC. Damaged, cracked and bust-oh driver’s seat covers are an everyday sight here at Seatco, and this one was no different. The side bolster of the backrest was blown out, and the charming plaid middle inserts of both bucket seats had long since lost their luster. A little color work was done on the hard to see kick panels, and the door panels were largely OKAY, but the top segments had a few tears with good ole duct tape band aids slapped on them, politely suggesting they were in need of some attention. They were the easy part.

…and after.


Finding replacement OEM fabric as to match the since now retired, 40 year old Japanese made plaid proved to be nigh impossible. But after making a few calls to our vendors, we found a very close and very good alternative. The only true difference was the white stitching in the old material being traded for more of a softer yellow.

The kick panels after being dyed up a bit.

After receiving the yard goods, we were immediately elated. The contrast between the new and old material was day and night.








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2 thoughts on “1979 RX7 Project

  1. kithsiri says:

    Hello, I have 2020 sienna LE. I want to do seat covers for this van. how much going to have cost with velvet cloths. Thanking you.

    1. Matt Lupton says:

      Hi Kith, Matt here. We can help you with that, yes. Please contact us at 703.354.4800.
      I’ll also email you, so incase you don’t see it, check your spam folder. Thanks!

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