Lotus Elise Customization

One of the wonderful things about auto-customization is that there’s so many ways of expressing yourself through your A to B device. A fresh, personalized paintjob. A slick new spoiler. An unabashed exhaust’s roar. It’s almost limitless really, hampered only by imagination and a practical budget. The flip side of that coin is the consensus being that the higher the awesome factor, the longer the invoice. Such a thing is mostly a myth of car lore, and especially when it comes to your car’s interior.

While we work plenty with premade covers, make custom ones from scratch, and offer an array of repair options, we also dye them as well. This proves to be a moderately inexpensive and effective alternative to putting a half dozen cows worth of leather into your car. Thanks much on behalf of our tech Brian, who is nothing short of a wizard when it comes to blending colors and matching hues for interior dye work.

This past week we had the immense pleasure of having a very special car roll through our shop. An actual Lotus Elise, and as of very recently it belonged the Red Rocker himself. That’s right – Mr. Sammy Hagar of Van Halen stardom, no less. Weighing in at a feathery 860kgs (1900 lbs) when wet, the Lotus is as light for a sports car as the water-gliding flower it owes it’s name to. With a 1.8 liter, 190 hp six speed manual engine, it might not have the beefiest block under it’s hood, but the special attention paid to it’s minimal weight blossoms in its acceleration. 0 – 60 in just 4.7 seconds. Now that’s just silly fast.

Our client wanted simply to change the interior from tan to black. We were happy to oblige.


With the OEM tan interior.


Time to hop to it!


Brian working his magic.

Coming along rather nicely.


And many several hours later, the final product.


Not bad, eh?




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