Geely Owns Lotus

Geely owns Lotus. Now, I imagine, almost all of you are Geely Owns Lotus - Seatco does the best custom automotive interior work in the DC Metro Regionthinking, “Who, or what, is Geely?”. And a few of you might be thinking, “Who, or what is Lotus?”

First things first – Geely is a very large, very profitable Chinese auto manufacturer. If you’re familiar with the name, you are probably:

  • A person that lives, or has lived in China
  • An automotive writer
  • Someone senior in the automotive manufacturing industry
  • Someone that works for Volvo
  • Someone that remembers that Geely bought Volvo in 2010

Yes, that’s right, a Chinese company has owned 100% of Volvo since 2010. And the once-struggling Swedish car company has thrived since then.

Too bad they couldn’t have purchased Saab, too. We’d still have them around, too.

Anyway, Geely owns Volvo, and now Geely owns Lotus. This didn’t happen yesterday; it is hardly breaking news. Geely bought Lotus in May of 2017. But, still worth talking about.Geely Owns Lotus - Seatco does the best custom automotive interior work in the DC Metro Region

Actually, Geely bought Proton, a Malaysian car company that you have also never heard of, and Proton owned Lotus, so now Geely owns Lotus. And Proton, the former parent.

For those few that are not familiar with the British car company, Lotus, it was founded in 1952 by Colin Chapman, has designed many great cars, won many racing championships, and it’s cars have always been known for lightness and handling. And their cars are also generally beautiful as well.

Geely Owns Lotus - Seatco offers the best convertible top service in the United States

2016 Lotus Evora

Lotus is one of the most respected names in the automotive world in terms of automotive engineering and handling dynamics. They do a tremendous amount of contract work for other manufacturers in these areas.

Why is the fact that Geely owns Lotus now important? Several reasons come to mind.

One, Lotus now has all the capital they need to thrive as a manufacturer. This is good for the automotive universe.

Two, Volvos are going to handle better in the future – that’s a given.

Geely vehicles are going to be better in a variety of ways, whether that’s structural dynamics, weight to power ratio, safety, etc.

Lotus may return to F1 and Indy Racing, under their own banner, as opposed to ill-fated partnerships.

Geely has been a patient and generous steward of the Volvo marque; let’s hope they take the same path with Lotus.

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