1921 Lincoln

1921 Lincoln 7 Passenger Touring

Now this is a piece of history! What you’re looking at is the oldest operating Lincoln in the world. After being around for nearly a century, she’s as original as she is ancient, but still starts and runs just fine. Her long life and great condition is due to no small part by the hands that have maintained her – in fact, she’s only ever had two owners, from father to son.

Sporting an 90 horsepower, 357.81 cubic inch ‘L Head’ V8, this was never the sort of vehicle to be seen making laps around early Indy 500 tracks. Rather, Lincoln designed it with family in mind, and as an affordable alternative to all the high end models MB and Packard were cranking out in those early days.

As solid as everything else was, the interior was beginning to show it’s age…


The rear bench, looking a bit worse for wear…


And the same for the front.


Door panels in need of some TLC too.







Sewing the pleats of the rear bench.


And finally, after two months, the final product –












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