Alfa Romeo Graduate

Here’s a recent project we had in the shop – a 1990 Alfa Romeo Graduate, otherwise known in the rest of the world as a Spider or Duetto.

Why the difference in names? Well, apparently there were plenty of nostalgic Baby Boomers in 1990 (27 years ago) that had this car imprinted in their collective memory as the car a love-crazed Dustin Hoffman drove around in as his character in “The Graduate”, the Mike Nichols-directed film, and someone in the marketing department at Alfa Romeo way back when thought it would be a good idea to call this model the Alfa Romeo Graduate for a couple of years in North America.

Alfa Romeo Graduate Seatco does great work on convertible tops

You know, a little tug on those heartstrings, a hearty serving of nostalgia for those now-overfed and balding middle-aged men in 1990 that were young men in the 1960’s. Those men now would be in their seventies, if they’re still alive.

This Graduate model was a stripped-down version of the car, with manual window cranks, etc. It was supposed to serve as the “entry-level” Alfa Romeo at the time.

Regardless, many of these cars are still alive, and it’s still a very cool car, no matter what era you came from.

This particular Alfa Romeo Graduate needed a freshening inside, and definitely needed a new convertible top (as soon as possible), and so, we did the seat covers and the interior door panels, and of course, installed a new convertible top.

Alfa Romeo Graduate - Seatco does great work on convertible tops

It’s a beautiful car, with timeless styling from Pininfarina, still looks great at speed on a winding road, or at rest in your driveway. And, although tremendously under-powered by today’s standards, it is still a lot of fun to drive around. It is a “mechanical” experience, analog in every way, and all the good and bad that entails.

We’re happy to do our part in giving it many more years of useful life!

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