We Want Hondas Like This

Honda showed a concept at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show that was a revelation. It is the Honda that should be sold here in the U.S. as soon as possible, because we want Hondas like this. Not the current Accord, not the CR-V, we want Hondas like this.

We want Hondas like this - Seatco is the best car upholstery shop in the DMVI mean, can this be any cooler? And it’s not some abstract notion that will never be seen again; Honda says a production version of it will be offered for sale in Europe in 2019.

What about us, Honda? What about the American market? Will you forsake us?

We want Hondas like this - Seatco is the best for auto upholstery in the DMVDo you think we don’t want a small, all-electric car from you? Do you think Americans won’t like a great-looking blend of early VW Golf and early Honda Civic and sleek modern styling? That we won’t like the huge display inside? The retro bench seats?

We will, I assure you. We will, we will. We want Hondas like this.

Yes, I know Americans are abandoning cars en masse for SUVs and CUVs, and hatchbacks in particular have never been popular here. Add in the all-electric power, and product planning people will say, “We have a problem here, chief. The numbers don’t look good. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea”.

But, c’mon! Think strategically here, think long-term.

The last decade for Honda has been peppered with problems and minor failings, and you guys need a shot in the arm, particularly in the U.S. market. Keep going down this path, and soon, you will be completely indistinguishable from Toyota. You don’t want that. We don’t want that, either.We want Hondas like this - Seatco is the best interior restoration shop in Virginia

We know there are no plans for you to bring this to the American market, but, hey, plans change, right? Let’s roll the dice together – you and the American public. We want Hondas like this, at least, some of us do, and I think it’s enough to make the business case for U.S. sales.

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