How Many Times

How many times have you said to yourself, “I gotta get going on that old car in the garage/barn/shop/backyard”?

How many times - Seatco offers the best car upholstery repair services in DC, Maryland and Virginia

Surgery is never pretty

A dozen? A hundred? A thousand? More?

Or, maybe you didn’t even get that far. Maybe you never even got a car (or truck) to make into your personal dream in the first place. Maybe you’ve just talked about it for years – at a car show, with your spouse, your brother, your friends, other auto enthusiasts, a guy you met in a bar, etc. How many times have those conversations happened?

A hundred times? A thousand times? More?

This post is not addressed at those guys that are making progress, no matter how slow, on their project car. We salute you. And it’s a crisp salute, too, with the flag billowing behind us.

No, this is aimed at those guys that have done nothing about their special automotive dream for a very long time.

In the interests of self-disclosure, let me tell you that I’ve been there myself. I’ve had cars sitting in my garage, in a friend’s shop, in a friend’s garage, in my yard covered by a tarp, etc. For years. YEARS!

Finally, something would pierce the bubble of inertia (friend moving to a new house, wife threatening divorce, friend’s shop closing, etc.), and I would react, and spring (okay, stumble) back into action, and get the project going again. And you know something, I’d be really happy about getting the project going again, once I got started. And, I almost always loved the result, too. Most people do love the result when they’re finally done with a car project.

“Why didn’t I do this sooner?”, I would think to myself. “What, exactly, was holding me back?”

The answer was: Everything. Nothing.

It’s work, it’s your family obligations, it’s the fact that you’re tired, and you just want to do as little as possible at night and on the weekends. It’s lots of things. How many times do you think to yourself that you will definitely start on that old car next week? Yes, it’s work. Yes, it’s doing nothing, because you’re tired.

But, not to get too lame here, but, you know, very few people are on their deathbed saying, “I just wish I could have spent more time at the office”. Or, “My only regret is that I did not eat more Doritos and watch more episodes of “CSI”.

No, people don’t have those regrets. But, people do say things, like, “Man, I wish I could have finished that custom Willys Wagon I have in the garage, so my son (or grandson) coulda had it.”

Just a gentle reminder – we can do every single thing you need inside that car. If it’s a convertible, we can do that that, too, We’re here waiting when you’re able to shake off that inertia. ┬áJust give us a call, or stop by.

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