Hot Hatch

Is the hatchback making a comeback? Nope, not really. Is the hot hatch segment showing signs of new life?


And for that, we thank the automotive gods.

To be fair, there are a couple of more “regular” hatchbacks for sale in the U.S. that were not for sale a few years ago.The excellent, but under-powered, Chevrolet Cruze springs to mind immediately. It’s a very attractive car as well.

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2017 Chevrolet Cruze

But, those are outliers among the automotive landscape here in the States. Most Americans, unlike the rest of the entire world, are not keen on hatchbacks.

But, there’s always been a niche market here for a nicely turned out ┬áhot hatch, a small hatchback stuffed with horsepower and a go-fast suspension.

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The 2017 Honda Civic Type-R has 306 horsepower in a very small package.

And now, the American market is getting more of these. And some of them are really quite exciting. I mean, these are cars that you get out of with a big smile on your face. And they’re pretty inexpensive when compared to BMWs and Corvettes and Porsches and, say, the new Acura NSX. A regular person making a regular salary could actually buy one of these cars. Okay, maybe these pocket rockets are not in the same league in terms of luxury and sophisticated road dynamics, but we’re talking a lot of bang for the buck overall.

Is there any part of this that’s not good for the average Joe auto enthusiast? I don’t think so. The hot hatch premise wins all around.

And not to belabor the obvious, but a hatchback is so, well, practical, too. You can not only tear up the pavement in one of these cars, you can make a run to Costco with it, or, fit all of your daughter’s field hockey gear (and that of her friends) back there.

The hot hatch gets our stamp of approval.

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