Salon Chair Project

As readers of our website “News” section know, we often get requests from automotive upholstery customers to do other types of upholstery work – furniture, commercial work, etc. A salon chair project we’re working on right now is but one example of the different types of non-automotive work we do for customers.

The salon chair project comprises five vintage barber chairs, all of which came to us in pretty well-used condition.

See below photos for before and after:

Salon Chair Project Salon Chair Project Salon Chair Project

Salon Chair Project Salon Chair Project Salon Chair Project

Just as with the work we do that’s car-related, we love bringing a piece of commercial equipment like this back to life, making it attractive and usable for many years to come.

Seatco does upholstery work like this for individuals and their home furnishings, commercial entities and their… whatever, as well as embroidery work on shirts, blankets, jackets, etc. I know, kinda crazy, huh? But, we have the skills, and our customers want it, so we do other stuff besides automotive quite a bit.

Check us out if you have needs in this area – we’re quite reasonable in terms of pricing.

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