Custom Rod

We haven’t shown too much of it in these pages, but we do a lot of custom rod work at Seatco. The hot rod interior work we do runs from mild to very wild, and encompasses various amounts of current technology, depending on the customer’s wishes.

Custom Rod interiors by Seatco Seatco does custom rod work. Seatco does custom rod work. Seatco does custom rod work.

This is a custom rod here in the shop this month; nothing too crazy inside, but the owner chose well. It’s understated, but still beautiful.

The owner of this beautiful custom rod did what so many owners are unable to do when he was faced with a decision regarding what sort of interior he wanted in his car – he exercised restraint.

Yes, that’s right. It’s very difficult for people to not go overboard on the interior. But, as with other design work (and the execution thereof), sometimes more is less.

In fact, there is a school of thought within custom auto interior design that goes for a minimalist look taken to the extreme. Fuel gauge, speedometer, tachometer, and maybe a stereo unit. And that’s it. If you like simplicity, this is your design ethos.

This car’s interior is not minimalist; rather, it’s just enough. We like it. Not too crazy and cluttered, but just right.

Have an auto interior that you’d like to see become real? Let us help you with your particular vision of the perfect vehicle interior.

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