Custom Uprated Porsches

How many companies are there in the U.S. that sell custom uprated Porsches? Of course, we’re talking about the 911 here. What else?

The short answer is, a lot. In fact, if you’ve got the money (and you better have a great deal of money), the amount of choices among specialty shops eager to to build and deliver custom uprated Porsches to fans of the 911 like you resembles nothing less than a long (figurative) buffet table.

First, some housekeeping items. Some of you may not familiar with the term “uprated”. It’s a term used more in Europe than in the States, and essentially, refers to the process of taking an old model and increasing the performance thereof by using only parts from the manufacturer it came from. Whether that entails rebuilding the old engine, installing a new engine, replacing the carbs with fuel injection, replacing the suspension bits, lighter and larger wheels, new braking systems, adding an oil cooler, etc., they make it go faster, handle better, and just make it more of a joy to drive. Uprating is definitely not restoration.

And while the boys from the shop are in there, they also address known problem areas in the particular model they’re working on that perhaps don’t move the needle on performance, but will increase enjoyment of the car by the owner. A great example of this might be replacing front bumper mounts that were know to rust very quickly in cars from the original year of manufacture with new, anodized bumper mounts that will not rust for the next, say, 50 years.

As you might imagine, some owners also opt for uprating convenience and luxury items during this process as well, i.e. installing electric window lifts, or, replacing an old AM-FM-cassette in the dash with a modern unit. However, this is a minor sidebar (from the shop’s perspective) to the goal of increasing performance of the vehicle.

Some of the smaller factories have engaged in uprating for their customers for years. Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lotus, Morgan, are examples of this. The factories offer both restoration and uprating to their valued customers.

There are, of course, many shops that focus on a specific brand, or, even just a single model of a single brand. There are specialty firms in the U.S. that will build the ultimate BMW 2002 for you. Or, the best version of a Jeep Grand Wagoneer that you can buy. Or, a stunning iteration of the Land Rover Defender. And, of course, all of the air-cooled VW models (but particularly the vans).

It is, however, difficult to over-estimate the fanaticism of the devotees of the Porsche 911, and their willingness to spend a staggering amount of money to make their cars perform as well as possible. And where there’s a lot of money, there tend to be a lot of providers. Custom uprated Porsches are the dream cars for a lot of guys (and the occasional gal) with money, and that doesn’t seem as if it’s going to change any time soon.

Let’s get to it, then. The following short list is merely a sample; it is by no stretch of the imagination all-inclusive, and is offered here only as a starting point for your own explorations within this segment.

Lots of eye candy for the 911 enthusiast to salivate over on those websites, some absolutely beautiful custom uprated Porsches, and, just try not to think about the shop invoices that will be coming your way.

Custom Uprated Porsches - Seatco has the best auto upholstery shop in the whole DC Metro Region

One of Singer’s immaculately turned out, performance-enhanced Porsche 911s. These guys never seem to put a foot down wrong. Image from Singer.

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