How Would a CAFE Rollback Affect Consumers?

It’s not difficult to ascertain how the rollback of CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) regulations offered up by President Trump would help auto manufacturers; it allows the car makers to invest less in technology that pushes up fuel mileage, and so, saves them a great deal of money. But, how would a CAFE rollback affect consumers? That is, almost everyone reading this post?

You might be thinking to yourself right now, “Hey, good question. How would a CAFE rollback affect consumers? I’m a consumer!”

Yes, we ask the questions you need answers to, and we do it in this investigative format. (wink)

how would a CAFE rollback affect consumers - SEATCO is the best custom car interior shop in the Northern Virginia region

Well, the answer is, unless you buy only electric vehicles, or very fuel-efficient small vehicles, which there will probably be less of on the market, there’s really only one way the CAFE rollback is going to affect you. It will serve to put more carbon dioxide emissions into the air than there would have been otherwise, and could lead to more accelerated global warming and a greater incidence of health problems for all of us.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but that’s not a positive development.

CAFE started in the 70’s, as a result of the first gas crisis, when it was determined that American drivers were using too much gasoline, which came from oil produced in the Middle East, and this was a economic and national security issue for the nation. Oh, and by the way, those cars were also polluting too much, but, that was a sidebar issue. So, CAFE came into existence.

It would have been (and still would be) far more effective, and easier, to simply increase the federal gasoline tax, but Americans are rabid and absolutely crazy about tax increases, so the inelegant solution of CAFE was born into this world.

We no longer have the national security risk of depending on the volatile Middle East for most of our oil, so now CAFE is all about reducing emissions through increasing fuel would a CAFE rollback affect consumers- Seatco is the best automotive interior shop in the Northern Virgina region

There are, however, many Americans, including the new president, and the millions of people that voted from him, and the new head of the EPA, that believe that the scheduled CAFE requirements are too burdensome to the auto industry, and, unnecessary in regards to protecting the environment. So, CAFE is seen as an enemy of business profitability and corporate well-being.

For many people, the concept of global warming is too abstract; they cannot make a connection between what they do, or don’t do in their daily lives, and how that might affect the planet.

For others, they believe in the concept of global warming, but reject that anything people do contributes to global warming in any way.

And then there are people that do not subscribe to the premise of global warming whatsoever.

The current political winds are marshaled against CAFE; the only certainty at this point is that a rollback of CAFE has got to make things easier for the automakers in the U.S. So, we’ll settle on that, and take a wait-and-see approach on the question, “How would a CAFE rollback affect consumers?”

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