Your Dream. Our Work.

For decades, people have been showing up at Seatco with a dream of what they want their car’s interior to look like. Whether it’s a factory-perfect restoration, a wild custom job, or, maybe just some tasteful updating, we’ve heard a lot. If there’s a convertible top or a sunroof involved, then they want to talk about that as well. We invariably tell them, “Your dream. Our work.. We can make that happen”.

And we do make that happen. Times change, and cars change with the times. Different materials are used, different looks come into fashion (and go out of fashion), technology evolves, and so forth. That’s life, and that’s progress.

Your Dream. Our Work. - Seatco does incredible auto interior work.

1956 Ford Thunderbird seat restoration

But one thing remains constant, and that is Seatco’s commitment to taking what is in your head, what is in your mind’s eye, and making that real and tangible. Something you see and marvel at, something tactile that you can touch, something that makes you marvel at the transformation that has taken place from what was to what it is now.Your dream. Our work.

We recently did an interior freshening for a nice 90’s-era BMW, in which we replaced the carpets, the door bolsters, completely rebuilt the seats, etc. The customer loved his car, it was in perfect mechanical condition, it was a daily driver with a lot of miles on the clock, and he wanted to drive it for many more years, but the interior was over 25 years old. It was a little dirty, a little musty, a little worn, and the customer also wanted a current “infotainment” unit in the dash, and an upgrade in terms of the speakers. Nothing too crazy; he just wanted to freshen up the car he loved so much, and, to have a dash unit that would allow hands-free dialing, get HD radio stations, have a USB slot for a flash drive, and, of course, the Bluetooth required for the hands-free dialing would also enable streaming of music from his phone.

That sounds like a lot to ask for, but it isn’t. A new Pioneer or Alpine unit that does all of those things is less than $200 these days. It does have to be installed correctly, and it has to look right – like it belongs there in the dash. And installing the microphone (for hands-free calling) is no big deal if you’ve already got the interior disassembled.

So, it’s not the unit, it’s the work involved. For the carpets, the new leather for the seats (he upgraded a bit on both of those materials), etc., it’s the materials and the labor. But, the car he loves was completely reborn, and now he can happily motor around in it for many more years to come.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but that makes us feel good, too. Sure, we’re not communists here; we have to make money like everyone else, but it’s great to also get some satisfaction out of your work, and to see it produce some happiness in others. Your dream. Our work. It’s a good combination.

Whether you have a car that’s five years old or fifty years old, British, German, American, French, Swedish, Japanese, Korean or Australian (yes, we worked on one of those), whether you a little work, or a lot of work, we’re here for you. And your dream.

Your Dream. Our Work - Seatco does great automotive interior work as well as convertible tops and sunroofs

70’s era Porsche 911 Targa – Gutted, and ready to get a new interior

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