Charged Up

All charged up and somewhere to go is the twist on the old colloquial in this instance, as new players are showing up in the electric vehicle space, one after another.

You keep up with things, so I’m sure you know about Tesla. And GM’s Volt and Bolt. And Nissan’s Leaf. And Ford’s C-Max. And BMW’s I-3. And VW’s electric Golf.

Now, somewhat suddenly, we have Lucid, a luxury electric vehicle maker that’s been operating very much in stealth mode, and has now announced that they have a 1000-HP luxury car with a 400-mile range ready to go, and ready to do battle with Tesla in the upper end of the market.

Charged Up

2018 Lucid Air

It’s called the Lucid Air, and from all accounts so far, it promises to be quite a stunner. It will be shown to the public in a few short weeks.

We’ve also got a dark horse luxury EV coming from a company called Faraday Future that has been maintaining an even lower profile than Lucid. It will also be shown in the next few weeks. There are no photos, or even drawings, of the finished car, but the company promises tremendous performance, great range, autonomous software and the requisite luxury accouterments.

Boy, it’s an exciting time for EVs! Public acceptance is inching up, the battery costs are falling dramatically while storage capacity in going up, and engineers and designers are simply having a blast with the clean-sheet platform available to them vis-a-vis the new vehicle platforms they’re working with. Talk about charged up!

And, as we’ve noted before in these pages, the really interesting action in the EV segment is going to be occurring at the lower end in 2017, and that’s all due to GM, and their Chevrolet Bolt. It’s going to be very illuminating to see what the take rate is for the Bolt as it gradually becomes more available across the United States (it’s only available on the West Coast for now). Yup, we’ll see how many people are going to get charged up about the Bolt, a mass-produced EV with a lot of range that comes from a big company with a lot of dealers and a big marketing budget.

Should all be pretty interesting…


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